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The Airplasma® technology consists in the elimination of the isolating power of the air through an electronic process that makes it an ideal electric conductor. This technology allows applications at low temperature. Operating at a maximum temperature of 122°F (50° C) it is possible to induce tissue vaporization for ablation, tissue dissection or cutting and small vessels hemostasis. In traditional electrosurgery, cutting and coagulation procedures are produced at temperatures over 244°F (100° C) and voltage spikes over 5,000 V.

Introduction to Air Plasma and its usage in Veterinary Surgery

By Dr William T.N.Culp, Head of Soft Tissue Surgery and Surgical Oncology at University of California, Davis, Veterinary Teaching Hospital, USA

Press Release

ONEMYTIS® 2 the evolution of plasma surgery!


  • more compact
  • faster & more effective
  • with new accessories for endoscopic surgery

Onemytis® has gained a significant recognition from veterinary surgeons in Europe over the last couple of years. Thanks to its Airplasma® technology, Onemytis® demonstrated several important features at multiple levels and various areas of surgical usage:

  • Onemytis® operates at a temperature below 122°F.
  • Onemytis® makes electro-surgery safe, reducing significantly
    • operating time
    • tissue thermal damage
    • surgical pain
    • use of anesthetics
    • healing time and potential complication

Studies made with the infrared thermic chamber confirm that working temperature is below 122°F.
Studies made on the fumes produced during surgery show that no detectable carcinogenic compounds are present. Very recent studies made on Cold Atmospheric Plasma demonstrate a significant toxic activity on cancer cells both through direct action and indirectly through the activation of fluids that enter in contact with the cancer cells.

The new unit, Onemytis® 2, represents an important evolution, from analogic to digital device, with a significant improvement of its surgical performance in terms of efficacy, precision and speed. Onemytis® 2, because of its digital components, allows the integration of personalized operating settings and protocols associated with each area of usage (i.e. skin, endoscopy, ablation, eye, oral cavity, etc.)


One single device
with many benefits




Onemytis® 2 is a practical device, easy to transport thanks to its compact size and carry case.
The hand-pieces and connection cable are fully auto-clavable.
Particularly versatile, it allows numerous different surgical procedures using a single tool, thanks to the interchangeable, auto-clavable electrodes specifically for Onemytis®.

Onemitys® 2, result of Italian research & technology, is a device that allows surgery in a faster and more effective way. Used as single tissue dissecting device, it permits to control bleeding by inducing instantaneous hemostasis on small vessels (less than 2mm in diameter).

Onemitys® also guarantees absolute precision, by perfectly isolating all surgical anatomical sites. Thanks to the improved technology Airplasma®, Onemitys® 2 is absolutely safe; it is equipped with a system that eliminate interference with patient monitoring devices and possible tingling events.

The electric power emitted by Onemitys® 2 is low (>10W) and does not induce significant current in the patient body. It does not require much time to prepare patients and protect surrounding tissues, unlike laser devices, thereby reducing operating time and costs. It does not require any return plate and the weak power is safely dispersed.

The plasma is generated spontaneously by simply bringing the tip of the hand-piece (electrode) near the tissue; once plasma is present, contact with the tissue produces an accurate dissection.

Onemytis® 2 considerably reduces the production of heat, respecting target tissues and those all around.

Onemytis® 2 also works in CO2 atmosphere allowing unique endoscopic and laparoscopic applications using specific electrodes adapted to endoscopic devises.

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What specialists and users say

  • Antonio Pozzi, DVM, DACVS, DECVS

    Head of Surgery

    University of Zurich Veterinary School and Teaching Hospital
    Zurich, Switzerland

    We have operated with the Airplasma surgical devise for over 18 months, essentially in soft tissue surgery. However, the more we use it, the more we find usages. Onemytis is simple to manipulate, safe and it is rapidly set-up in the OR. Results are quite remarkable in terms of fine dissection of tissues. Healing is excellent. It is certainly a great addition in light of the future of surgery, replacing traditional electrocautery devices with less trauma for the patients.

  • Mark M. Smith, VMD

    Diplomate ACVS, AVDC, Fellow, AVDC Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

    Center for Veterinary Dentistry & Oral Surgery
    Gaithersburg, MD

    Being an active user, and for some time now, of both CO2 laser and Airplasma surgical devises in oral surgery, I would say that, if I had to choose today between one or the other tool for electronic dissection and ablation, I would pick the Airplasma. It gives me more comfort and confidence and I feel being more in control with the Airplasma than the CO2 laser.

  • Mathieu Glassman, DVM, DACVS

    Chief of Surgery

    Friendship Hospital for Animals
    Washington DC, USA

    The Air Plasma Onemytis devise is a phenomenal tool, both for quick benign mass removals or tissue ablation under sedation, as well as procedures that require hemostasis and careful dissection between tissue planes. There is tremendous utility, both for the general practitioner as well as the experienced surgeon.

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